30 days of TAH day 15!

30 Days of TAH - Day 15 - Recommendations!

Is there anything your love of Thrilling Adventure Hour has lead you to that you’ve really gotten into?  Or something that you loved before you learned about TAH that made TAH stick for you?

Today, let’s recommend to each other some other media that other Adventurekateers might enjoy.  It might be because a WJ player or guest star was in it, sure, or not! Maybe some other podcasts similar to TAH or that share a similar comic sensibility.  Or shows that might remind you of one of the segments!  Just throw out some things you think other Adventurekateers should check out, and why!

This one is hard… haha. I really tried getting into Night Vale because of TAH… and I DO enjoy it… it’s not that I don’t like it… i’ve been known to throw it on at work… but it reminds me way too much of “Twin Peaks”- which may have scarred me and I have some really bad memories associated with that uber creepy show. So I have to be in just the right mood for Night Vale… but I tried really hard because of TAH. but a lot of TAH guest stars get me super excited… having Zach Levi on TAH was how I got some people to start listening to TAH.

Community to me always seems like something right out of a TAH world… I got a friend hooked on Parks and Rec because of the promise of Marc Evan Jackson was in later seasons… also a bit because we lived in small town Indiana and it was super close to home, but also because of Marc Evan Jackson :) 

This question is hard, because I won’t think of this kind of thing until I’m watching a show… then I’ll be like, “OH MY WORD this is just like something out of TAH!” and then not remember what it was 30 minutes later…. haha. 

30 days of TAH day 14!

30 Days of TAH - Day 14 - Adventurekateer Recruitment!

For a lot of us, one of the most fun things about TAH is sharing it with friends, family, acquaintances, random people we meet on the street… whoever.  

Have you ever gotten someone else to listen to TAH?  What did you or say do to convince them to listen?  Are there any resources you’ve used or gotten anyone else involved in getting them to listen?  Any great memories of someone you’ve convinced to listen reacting to the show?

Considering how often I talk about it on twitter and facebook, you’d think I’d have convinced more people to listen than I have… but I think I sadly only have 2 people I’ve convinced to really listen. Although I’ve forced family members to listen to episodes (that they have admitted to enjoying a lot, just failed to keep listening to on their own…)

but I did recruit 2 people! I recruited my sister Tara and my old roommate Jordy! Tara I convinced through forced listenings. Car rides with me generally mean TAH… so she got hooked from that, I believe. 

My roommate I convinced through continuously bringing it up… all the time. She ended up going to grad school that was a 1.5 hour commute one way… so she needed podcasts to make her drive bearable… I reminded her of TAH, she downloaded a few… and the rest is history. My favorite was her reactions to Jib Janeen episodes :) But my favorite memory of getting her hooked was finding out TAH was coming to Chicago seriously RIGHT after she caught up in the podcast… so we went together and had the time of our lives!!! 

I also have reconnected with friends over my facebook posts on TAH— I found out a friend from junior high is obsessed with it, so now we talk about TAH on facebook… and a few friends from college also are TAH listeners!!! It’s just awesome, guys. I’m currently working on wearing down friends on twitter who listen to podcasts at work. I think I’ll wear them down eventually :D

Thirty Days of TAH day 12!

Day Twelve - Sparks Nevada Universe Quotes

One of our favorite things about TAH is how quotable it is.  Today, let’s talk about our favorite quotes and lines in the Sparks universe!

Whether it’s a single line or catchphrase like in the above graphic made for today by groglog, or maybe a particular exchange or conversation, what are a few places where the dialog really shines for you?  Have you integrated any of the phases into your own vocabulary?

I seriously say “Hi, all my buddies!” in Jib Janeen’s voice on a frequent basis, and I’ve been known to call people “butt milk” (thanks, Croach!)

I love all of the lines in Sparks Nevada, pretty much. It’s one great line after another… but pretty much everything Drunk Croach said was brilliant and perfect. 

oh, and “Bonus Onus” is something else I have said!

Really, any dialogue between Croach and Sparks is probably my favorite thing ever. They have the greatest sets of lines and are just always throwing zingers at each other. The really awkward “stimulating of the egg sacks” scene had me laughing SO FREAKING HARD….


But seriously… pretty much anything from Sparks Nevada is quotable and brilliant. I live in my parents basement, and I have been known to tell people to stay out of my room because “I don’t want no trouble in my place!”

Thirty days of TAH day 13!

Day 13 - Favorite Non-Major characters!

We all love Sparks Nevada, Croach the Tracker, The Red Plains Rider, Banjo Bindlestuff, Gummy, Gene Peeples, Cactoid Jim, The Troubleshooter, Captain Laserbeam, Phillip Fathom, Amelia Earhart, Jefferson Reid, Colonel Tick-Tock, Trick Clock, Jumbo the Elephant and, of course, Frank and Sadie Doyle.  That goes without saying.   Let’s take all of them off the table for today.

Instead, let’s talk about all those characters who aren’t the stars of their own segments.  The supporting characters.  Whether they’re recurring characters or have just shown up once, they can make all the difference in an episode.

Pick at least three to five in all of the TAH-verse, and talk about why they’re your favorites.  Who are those standout characters?  Who do you think could carry their own breakout segment like Phillip Fathom, The Troubleshooter or Cactoid Jim? 

Ok, guys, this is going to be hard to narrow down, too….

1) Jib Janeen. He deserves his own segment… For reals. Jib Janeen terrorizing planets all over the galaxies. PLEASE. I would love this!!!!! He’s my favorite because he’s hilarious, plus he causes all sorts of fun trouble! and he’s a shape shifter, so that’s just awesome. 

2) The invisible men!!!! They are AWESOME and would make for a lot of fun in their own segments— they are invisible AND blind, so that could be a lot of fun… plus they are sassy. I also love that like to “observe” what’s going on and give commentary.  They are really fun characters that deserve a come back.

3) the ghosts of christmas past, present, and future. Holy crap are these guys funny. PLUS they could make for a lot of fun hauntings and screw ups in trying to help people out. They should probably get some more episodes.

4) Bob McCrumbs from “Confederates” (Colonel Tick-Tock)— hilarious guy, has his own little “Colonel Tick-Tock” kind of thing going on, is British, has “Stopwatch” and is sassy and a bit of a smart-ass. I love him. He should be around more!!!





I love how she almost drops it until she smells it and that flashbulb memory hits.

“Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real … Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.”

Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit

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30 days of TAH day 11!

You’ve chosen your favorite middle segments.  You’ve chosen your favorite Sparks Nevada Universe episodes.  It should come as no surprise that now it’s time for your 3 - 5 favorite Beyond Belief episodes.  Need help?  Check theTAH Wiki!

Oh boy, there you go again making me pick favorites. Ok. Well here goes…

I’m going to start with “The Bloodsucker Proxy”— partially because I JUST listened to this one and was once again struck by how stinking hilarious and clever it is. The invisible men are MY FAVORITE. Plus Donna Henderson was back, so that’s always a plus!

I’ve also always loved “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang You’re Dead”… although I’m not sure I could give you an exact reason why… I’ve just always loved that one!

The Valentines Day episode also definitely deserves a favorite!!! Oh that one was FABULOUS.

"Winter of the House of Usher" is one of my favorite episodes of all of TAH… So it DEFINITELY needs to be on this list. I listen to that when it’s not Christmas! I just so love it… it’s clever, Nathan FIllion is in it, there’s oddly sung Christmas songs… it’s just wonderful.

For my last pick I choose “Art Imitates Life”… SO MANY FEELS. 

Beyond Belief was the first thing I listened to in TAH — and I kept listening, so that shows you how much I enjoyed it :) 

Honorable mention goes to “Making Spirits Fight” :D

30 days of TAH day 10!

Congratulations!  You did it!  After years of rigorous Chrono Training under General George Washington, you’ve earned your Chrono Agent badge and it’s time for your first mission! 

As you walk out of the Chrono Agency HQ, Amelia Earhart runs up to you.  ”You’re the new blood,eh?  I’ve got orders from General Flagwell to give you a crash course in American Victory Commission Protocol and bring you along with me! We’ve got a pesky infestation of Nazis threatening to put the kibosh on Paul Revere’s midnight ride!  My Lockheed Electra’s all gassed up, let’s go!”

"Not so fast, darling!" interrupts an exceedingly British voice.  ”Her royal Maj, Queen Victoria, has sent me to recruit this selfsame agent for the Royal Chrono Patrol.  There’s a tempest of a timephoon headed right for the Globe Theatre, threatening to wipe out the Bard himself as well as all his storied playwriting!  Trick Clock, open up a time hole!”

Amelia Earhart and Colonel Tick-Tock both await your answer, but you can only choose one — with whom do you go and why?

Ooooo… Um…. oh boy. I think I would pick going with Colonel Ticktock. Why? because a) british accents are the best, b) timephoon sounds AWESOME!, c) I love Shakespeare a whole lot and would LOVE to meet him, d) the trick clock is pretty dang awesome, and e) I would get the chance to meet the queen. 

And although an adventure with Amelia Earhart WOULD be sweet, I would have to go with Colonel Tick Tock on this one :)


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